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Pure Zinc wire Processing Equipment

Wire thermostat furnace

Second, the device description:
The wire is heated electrically heated furnace equipment thermostatic oven zinc wire, zinc wire is mainly used for heating annealing to improve the metal internal organizational structure, further add to facilitate follow-up work in preparation。
Oven cavity temperature of the wire and the two parts of the furnace, the furnace chamber is heated through the heater, insulation, to complete the annealing of the wire, the wire cavity floor for storage, which can be moved, there are guide means, driven by a motor , by pulling the chain sliding along the rail base, to facilitate loading and unloading the wire。 Furnace for the wire thermostat furnace shell, furnace body is filled with insulation materials, heat insulation effect, to prevent heat loss from the furnace chamber and burns on people。 Heater for heating the annealing chamber zinc line, when zinc wire is heated in the oven cavity above the recrystallization temperature to a molecule (220 ~ 250 ℃) and then the temperature in the crystallization of zinc line segment re-crystallized grains, and eliminate wire in the the residual stress control in order to achieve the purpose of softening annealing。 Furnace has a fan, the entire chamber to the annealing temperature uniformity, to prevent the high temperature at the top and the bottom temperature was reached in the requirements, so that more accurate temperature control。
Third, the product features:
1, the gate has a counterweight, easy to open and close the door, just when the need to open the gate manually pull the handle on the counterweight, you can open the door。
2, the electrical control system can automatically control the temperature of the furnace reaches the set temperature, the automatic warm。
3, this product has the furnace temperature responsive, energy saving, easy operation and practical, safe and reliable。
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